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We organize tours and road trips that create a life changing experience. High power sports cars & fascinating roads, full package, training and racing - custom made just for you!


We are four young entrepreneurs with a passion for racing and powerful cars. We would like to share our enthusiasm and would like you to experience the pure feeling of driving on the world's most beautiful roads and tracks including the famous Northloop of Nürburgring.


 Alin and Timo

Car-Pathian Newsletter 2023! Create the Pre-Tour Fever!

When it comes to curves, RaVys is similar to the Thriller in Manila, honeys call us "The Mountain Killers"


The most extraordinary adventure RaVys will feature this year! We will hunt for Dracula, burn down the asphalt of the Transfagarasan, drink Rachiu with the shepherds and try to avoid the bears in the Carpathian mountains! Romania is born for us, Transylvania is waiting for us and the roads will be ours! Once in a lifetime you need to experience the best, the ultimate, the epic! And you heard of it, the legendary Transfagarasan, possibly from the three funny UK TopGear guys, or any other car enthusiast in the world…possibly, BUT what will you tell to the world, your friends and kids, family, and colleagues some time when you (finally) grow old? Never been there?!…heard of it, most adventurous, the most thrilling roads I guess?!…NO, you will tell them what you have felt, experienced on your own because you've been there, drove the shit out of your sports car and this with a bunch of guys that felt the same, and the smile will never leave your face again when remembering this trip!


And we make it possible for you! This year, in 2023 we chose the perfect road trip destination of the world – Romania and its two impeccable roads – Transfagarasan and Transalpina.


From 24th of June to the 2nd of July we will drive from Cologne to Romania and back! This is a must for anyone that calls himself a car-guy or -girl!


Why should you come with us? I'll tell you now…because RaVys has over 13 years of road trip experience, we have natives down in Romania that organize our stay, our hotels and bars, our lunch locations and they know the roads. Because we will have native speakers with us on the trip and also because we always make it an all-inclusive trip! RaVys is preparing your journey as adventurous and safe and we take care of you, we've been planning this since a long time!


So tell me what questions do you have before you join? Check our past on ravys.com, ask our family members in our unique whats-app group and sneak into the RaVys world on Instagram!


Contact us – contact@ravys.com, call us on +49 (0) 163 881 07 99 or come over to our next drive out on March the 3rd around the Nürburgring and get to know us! You will love what we do and how we do it!

We Bee Runnin Fast - Vogesen Tour 2022

So we were heading end of September 2022 to our Vogesen Trip “WeeBee Runnin Fast Tour ”and we were pumped! We got our sport cars all lined up and were ready to go.It was an unforgettable foggy and rainy road trip for 5 participants, but we were just excited to hit the road and have some fun! The roads in the rolling hills of the Vogesen Mountains were perfect for a sport car enthusiast. Along the way, we experienced amazing curvy roads and great hospitality.

Imagine driving through foggy and rainy conditions while taking on fun street challenges with your friends, exploring your and your drive’s limits. It was an epic journey that left us feeling exhilarated and inspired. Plus, with RaVys providing convenient roadside assistance along the way, our customers were assured that any potential problems were solved quickly.

At the end of this amazing trip, even if there was a broken Porsche shifter cable, it did not stop us from having the perfect end of year road trip! With breathtaking views and wonderful memories we took home, this was definitely one adventure that you don't want to miss again!

Black Forest - Race Against The Machine

RaVys went Germany!

 1st time that our RaVys family was presented the filet mignon roads of the southern mothercountry, The Black Forest. But it wouldn't be us if we kept it local, we sparkled cherries on top, including the northern Italian Dolomites.


But let’s start the engines on a sunny morning in the vineyards of upper Baden-Baden. A fantastic view over the upcoming curvy valley roads of the Bühlertal kept us chasing the next corners until we reached the Black Forest National Park. The Porsches were leading, followed by the BMW and chased by the furious Speedster, what a quartet! The guys behind the wheel kept on smiling at arrival in Freiburg.


The Black Forest roads pushed the fun this day above the expected level, we were impressed! Over the next days we grew together, the drivers and their sports cars that waited too long unused for riders. Predominately the sun kissed our playground roads, but with one exception where hiding from a hailstorm got us to a camping place. The owner Frank turned out to be a serious gear head, owning a GT2 RS! Big up, we’ll meet again my friend! Curves, turns, uphill and downhill, the (RaVys) family “cars” got rubber connected to the Forest, like Gump to his shoes!


New day, new country, more driving fun upcoming! Italia, country of the #CavalliniRampanti, we invaded it with Bavarian power and Swabian sharpness plus the Hessen-Tiger! Heading into the northern Dolomites, pushing on the spiced alpine passes with historic names like Passo Di Giao, Cortina D‘Ampezzo, Passo Di Pordoi and many more. We tackled them with a hard foot on the throttle followed by the even harder braking before the direct 180 deg turns! Happiness on the ultimate level and the cars were screaming for more! On the 5th day then there was a very nice surprise when the group met a road hungry and slow food loving couple in a white Boxster Spyder. The enthusiastic driver joined our crew and we escorted him for the rest of the morning. And hell Dirk can drive! Plus his wife is really tough as a co-pilot – big respect. The day is even more fun the more drivers join! We will meet next summer dear Zuffenhausen Friends!


To be honest, from the 1st day it was a successful RaVys trip, but you only know this when you forget what day of the week it was…and we directly lost sight! But even when the last day was approaching, we knew the best was still to come, Meran and the Timmelsjoch! The horses were more than used to racing, the drivers still focused on the next corner, but we could not hold our feelings when passing the Joch up and downwards! Snowy walls, open roads and surprisingly adventurous corners! Memories are about to get burned in our brains, stored on the Trip mixtape!


Back at home we still know…all we need is a wheel in our hands and four on the road!

Black Forest - Smoke Tires Tour: October 7 to 11, 2021


October 7 to 11, 2021



Book now through contact@ravys.com

2021 Voyage Cavallini Rampanti

Cavallini Rampanti 2021 Road Trip:


The French Alps, Rally Monte Carlo, Roads to the Red-Cars Mecca in Italy.


The French Alps are truly one of the world’s most curvy and full of water dripping galleries inviting our rides for some high revs through their Sports Exhausts à seldom– we promise!


We again experienced a very laissez-faire mentality of the wonderful French citizens, paired with an inimitable food culture and a very elegant down south Mediterranean cost along varied and exciting mountain routes partially taken from the original Monte Carlo Rally stages.


Leaving France was hard concluding that this country had served us so much driving fun and hospitality, but the outlook of Maranello brought back the fire into our driving game.


Italia, the temperament of the people on the roads and positivity we experienced during driving been applauded by the FIAT Cinquecento drivers, getting compliments all over the streets, compensated the gourmet experiences gathered in belle France.


The Maranello area welcomed us with beautiful camouflaged prototypes driving around, a throw back into the Cavallini Rampanti history in the Enzo Ferrari museum and an unforgettable evening in the in-house restaurant full of Ferrari hardware: We only can give a GRANDE SALUTE to the enthusiasm of this nation that always manages to ignite into our hearts!


Yet another extraordinary RaVys tour gathered the “family” spirit, offering the most picturesque mountain villages and countless switchbacks, creating the unforgettable Italo-French connection to the landscape and the locals.


We will come back, and this is more than a promise!

2019 Alpenrosi 2

Alpenrosi 2 - RaVys Returns!

The biggest RaVys trip so far. Up to 15 cars, infinite curves on winding mountain roads, changing weather conditions (RaVys-style) and the whole family together for BBQ and beers in the evenings. As always the start of the road trip was Cologne, collecting the pack from Bonn, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt and Munich for the first stop-over in Kössen, Austria followed by three days of driving through the beautiful landscape of South Tirol. Just check out the photo gallery to see for yourself!

2019 March Newsletter

The communication referring to the 2019 May Tour is already out within the latest newsletter, now we have everything set in classic RaVys style. We are proud to announce the 2019 tour name: Alpenrosi 2 - RaVys Returns!




Yes, there have been 10 tours since the first Alpenrosi Tour ... we can hardly believe how many legendary tours we have shared! A BIG BIG Thank you to you, our loyal customers, dear participants and friends who have celebrated this with us.




Back to topic... the arrival and departure options are all set, the hotels are booked, the restaurants firmly reserved and the route again finely sharpened, just to add more sweat to your hands on the steering wheel a little on the serpentines and 180 degrees haircuts ... yes that will vibrate with joy even more in your bottom ... promised!


Incredibly, we already have 13 confirmed Participants... this is a record! So in response, we raised the number of participants this time to 18 ... so there are still places left. That was not easy, but we have perfected the logistics of the tour guide to bring the fireworks of impressions to all of us more evenly! As always you expect the most beautiful alpine routes, passes who’s names will feel like a fresh watermelon in the mouth, perfect route guidance and excellent restaurants, cozy hotels & guesthouses and delicious dinners with friends ... yes the RaVys feeling will wash over from the first moment and will not leave you for the next 5 days... accompanied by a very long racing hangover, maybe even a race turkey.


As you already know, the anticipation is slowly rising and the right foot is ready, there are still 2 ½ months to champ at the bit, then we will release the horses and ignite a top gourmet driving pleasure fireworks ... Austria, here we come!


Until then, we look forward to further commitments for the tour and hope you enjoy the funny RaVys presentation for 2019 which has just been released.... Look, if you can find them on our website.




Friday, May 17, 9:00 am, Cologne: Departure

19:00, Barbecue and first overnight stay in Kössen


Saturday, 18. - Monday, May 20:

Alpenrosi, baby! Three days of the most beautiful alpine passes to be experienced.


Tuesday, May 21, return after breakfast



3 x lunch, 4 x dinner, 4 x nights in a dorm with breakfast


Cost: 600 €


Discount for regular customers: 

1 tour participation: 5%

3 tour participations: 10%

5 tour participations: 15%


On request: single room (+ 160 €), rental radio (+ 20 €), rental car (according to the RaVys statutes, price depending on vehicle)


For a binding booking, please send an email to contact@ravys.com with the following information:

1. Special requests (single room, walkie-talkie, rental car)

2. Your car (best with photo and some data)

3. Your postal address


2018 November Newsletter

Only a very select few people know what is triggered within us when RaVys announces the next big tour - adrenaline rushes, sweat break out, heart starts racing, picking up the pace of blood in the body, a slight tingling develops in the gear changing hand, a nervous twitch in the right foot, goose bumps all over and a focused tension develops like before taking a blind 90 degrees corner! Sweat beads of joy and the next thought: Why does it still take so long and why can't we start immediately? This unconditional pleasant anticipation unites all those who have already completed a RaVys Tour.


The RaVys mentality: Everything starts and ends with our customers, people looking for the extraordinary, outside the well-developed straight highways and one-day track days. It is the passion of each and every one of our friends to go for the next fast alpine stage with perfect steering angle.


The narrow, fast winding mountain roads, RaVys special menus and daily bread. They all feel how the tire sidewall claws in the asphalt, the chassis reacts to the smallest steering angle change and everything controlled in harmony by the main head unit - Our racing brain. Endorphins are released and the hand-foot-eye coordination is perfectly tuned to create a curve flow that triggers the ultimate driver-vehicle experience! That is the RayVys specialty, that is where we strive to be and how we boldly offer our claim of a perfect tour. Paired with excellent hotels and restaurants that fit in the tour every day as pit stops for driver and vehicle. Then the selection of the best mountain roads - oops, that’s the second spoiler of the 2019 ride location ...


Hell yeah, we will rock the mountains again where man and machine will show their true skills! First, second and third gear, it does not take more to turn the corners of your mouth towards your ears! Then brake again ... they will glow with joy! That is what we call the Racing Voyage Syndrome.

The firing angle is set to May 17, 2019 and the engine will turn up until May 21, 2019! The mapping will finally be calibrated by the end of the year to get it into your navigation system. Until then, let yourself be intoxicated by the anticipation, but still enjoy a beautiful contemplative Christmas with your loved ones and stay RaVys!

2018 Drive It Like I Talk It

2018 October Weekend Trip (Ardennes)


While the summer’s heat is melting the semis away we ar longing for winding mountain roads with bearable temperatures. And there is hope: we planned our second RaVys-trip of 2018 for October and drove through the Ardennes of Belgium and Luxemburg. We started on Friday evening and finished after lunch on Sunday. So there were two overnight stays with breakfast, two times lunch and two times dinner included along with the infamous planning of routes and the guidance through the Eifel’s western extension.

Date: October 12 to 14

Cost: 300€ / participant in a doubleroom (400€ for a single room).


2018 Cars in Corse

 We have been to Corse in May!


The Mediterranean island does not only offer fantastic landscapes but also RaVys-approved routes, which have been checked by our Curve-Guru and Cupra-mode-driver Kamil himself.

Alin, god of hotels, took care of stays and restaurants and we have also selected the ferry transfers to offer you another asphalt-culinary menu second to none:


- Saturday, May 19, 7 AM, Cologne: Departure (on-time, because ferry)

- 9 PM, Genua: Passage and overnight on ferry

- Sunday, May 20 - Thursday, May 24: Corse, Baby! Enjoy four days of the most beautiful island roads.

- Thursday, May 24, 11 AM: Passage back to Genua

- Overnight around Milan

- Friday, May 25: Return


Along with the usual suspects with center-of-gravity-optimized flat engines in the front, in the back or at the correct spot, steady four-cylinder-turbos from Cologne and Ingolstadt and our good old rotary-engine-monster from the far east we are looking forward to one or the other surprise and can finally welcome a growling supercharged JAAAG of Type F for the first time.


Full story in our blog!

2017 Pepperoni Nipples

Thursday, September 7 (start @ Cologne) until Sunday, September 10 (return from French Vosges)


Don't ask about the name of the tour - that's another story. Anyway, we returned to the French Vosges as last year's double-trip and our Cars Alpine McKingz Cup left everybody asking for more in 2017. Mostly new routes made this another unforgettable long weekend trip.

2017 Cars Alpine McKingz

Thursday, June 1 (start @ Cologne) until Monday, June 5 (return from Austria)


This year we returned to Austria with 11 cars visiting some of the most beautiful mountain passes the Alps have to offer.


More in our blog...


2016 Vogesen'hin

September 2016: Already during the May tour we planned the next and even the tour after that. The Vosges in France can be reached easily for a weekend-trip making the decision where to go quite easy.

The number of participants has almost doubled, transforming the RaVys Family to some sort of a Race Clan - the enthusiasm remains unbowed with everybody who once joined a RaVys tour hitting the accelerator again.

Due to a new record of 12 participants we decided to split the tour into two events for the first time on consecutive weekends in September. More in our blog...

2016 Gran Triesmo

April 30 - May 4, 2016: 10 revheads, 10 cars (ok, one didn’t make it all the way), more than 3000 BHP and four days of driving an infinite number of curves from the first coffee in Cologne to the final sundowner in Trieste. More in our blog.

All participants are confirmed - check out the line-up in our blog!

Getting in the groove during our pre-tour-meeting with some of the confirmed participants and the guys from Driver's Groove / thepluses. More in our blog and on YouTube


2016 tour dates released - check our blog for the latest news and apply for booking now!

2015 Friends in France

What makes a tour into a life changing experience? The high power sports cars? The roads? A route that balances and alternates between curves and racing to the horizon? or a mix of all of these...

RaVys combines all, but with added ingredients. Heart & group spirit. The squad of laugh wrinkled faces that joins our tour, they let out their inner child & scream happiness from behind the steering wheel...

More in our blog.

2014 Need 4 Speed Alpenrosi

Where it all began ... the first RaVys Tour, Austria 2014. Through perfect planning the RaVys team laid the foundation following up with France 2015. The team & friends completed the second tour transforming the journey into a tradition and soon it will be a legend. The mountains and passes of Austria forged the first "Need 4 Speed Alps Rosi" tour into a mega highlight for everyone involved, which we will never forget...

More in our blog.