What We Do & Who We Are

We organize tours and road trips that create a life changing experience. High power sports cars & fascinating roads, full package, training and racing - custom made just for you!


We are four young entrepreneurs with a passion for racing and powerful cars. We would like to share our enthusiasm and would like you to experience the pure feeling of driving on the world's most beautiful roads and tracks including the famous Northloop of Nürburgring.


 Alin, Ralph, Kamil and Timo

Pepperoni Nipples

Thursday, September 7 (start @ Cologne) until Sunday, September 10 (return from French Vosges)


Don't ask about the name of the tour - that's another story. Anyway, we returned to the French Vosges as last year's double-trip and our Cars Alpine McKingz Cup left everybody asking for more in 2017. Mostly new routes made this another unforgettable long weekend trip.

Cars Alpine McKingz

Thursday, June 1 (start @ Cologne) until Monday, June 5 (return from Austria)


This year we returned to Austria with 11 cars visiting some of the most beautiful mountain passes the Alps have to offer.


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September 2016: Already during the May tour we planned the next and even the tour after that. The Vosges in France can be reached easily for a weekend-trip making the decision where to go quite easy.

The number of participants has almost doubled, transforming the RaVys Family to some sort of a Race Clan - the enthusiasm remains unbowed with everybody who once joined a RaVys tour hitting the accelerator again.

Due to a new record of 12 participants we decided to split the tour into two events for the first time on consecutive weekends in September. More in our blog...

Gran Triesmo

April 30 - May 4, 2016: 10 revheads, 10 cars (ok, one didn’t make it all the way), more than 3000 BHP and four days of driving an infinite number of curves from the first coffee in Cologne to the final sundowner in Trieste. More in our blog.

All participants are confirmed - check out the line-up in our blog!

Getting in the groove during our pre-tour-meeting with some of the confirmed participants and the guys from Driver's Groove / thepluses. More in our blog and on YouTube


2016 tour dates released - check our blog for the latest news and apply for booking now!

Friends in France

What makes a tour into a life changing experience? The high power sports cars? The roads? A route that balances and alternates between curves and racing to the horizon? or a mix of all of these...

RaVys combines all, but with added ingredients. Heart & group spirit. The squad of laugh wrinkled faces that joins our tour, they let out their inner child & scream happiness from behind the steering wheel...

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Need 4 Speed Alpenrosi

Where it all began ... the first RaVys Tour, Austria 2014. Through perfect planning the RaVys team laid the foundation following up with France 2015. The team & friends completed the second tour transforming the journey into a tradition and soon it will be a legend. The mountains and passes of Austria forged the first "Need 4 Speed Alps Rosi" tour into a mega highlight for everyone involved, which we will never forget...

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