September 2016: Already during the May tour we planned the next and even the tour after that. The Vosges in eastern France can be reached easily for a weekend-trip making the decision where to go quite easy.

The number of participants has almost doubled, transforming the RaVys Family to some sort of a Race Clan - the enthusiasm remains unbowed with everybody who once joined a RaVys tour hitting the accelerator again.

Due to a new record of 12 participants we decided to split the tour into two events for the first time on consecutive weekends in September - one in hot sunshine and one in cold, misty rain (somehow challenging in an American muscle car with 500 BHP).

Roaring V8's meet turbo-charged four cylinder's being chased by vigorous 'eco'-boosted Fiesta ST's and between all of that naturally aspirated flat sixes - Elon Musk quietly cancelled his participation due to lack of charging stations en route...

This is the time for pleasant anticipation thinking of the twisting roads in the Vosges. Somebody once said straights are for fast cars but corners are for fast drivers. And honestly, our German Autobahn has spoiled us already with fast driving on straights. Maybe this is another reason for RaVys organizing these tours. We also do it for you to become aware of yourself again, hurl yourself into the bending curves into YOUR weekend!

But there's more to it, your car's suspension, the brakes, the steering, all of what you don't really feel in daily driving, there is the friends you didn't see for a while but who waited for this weekend with you - so we jumped in our cars, motivated the sport exhaust with our right feet and sang an aria of corner exits...