Friends in France

The magic of the 2014 Alps Tour Rosi can be topped....

Fire & Ice ... Snow in the sun - the 2015 "Friends in France Tour is born".


Starting in Cologne, through Lausanne, driving high up into the still-snowy Chamonix and then through a racing pilgrimage down to Monacco / Nizza. Temperature differences of more than 30 degrees within 100km. Rain, sleet, snow and perfect sunshine - all within 2 hours... 24 hours of continuous grinning faces. The RaVys tour is unique, year after year, finally drivers experience the true capability of their cars. Satisfaction, happiness, freedom, melting the group together into a happy community. France with its artful Alpine roads, even wilder than imagined, surrounded by wine terraces and beautiful mystical forests. The snowline is far below 1000m this May, but the sun rips streams of light right through the snow, suddenly transforming streets into small rivers.  Heading south, the group tears through the mountains firing pure endorphins as brake discs scream through the tree lined snowy passes. Monaco's red carpets beckon, where the teams sensory journey is completed in the best of style.