Need 4 Speed Alpenrosi

8 beautiful sports car, with the most accomplished drivers behind the wheel, all equipped with walkie-talkies for "route-guidance". All sharing the same passion for driving and unconditional love for cars. Reason enough to introduce the very special...  annual RaVys May-tour. The Dolomites with magical curves, picturesque mountains, dramatic sky and emotion filled roads.. All perfectly prepared to send accelerator pedals all the way to the metal.


The 2014 Tour begins at the frivolous heart of Cologne, Hornstrasse. At 9am the journey to Innsbruck via the Autobahn, the group gains momentum. The cars & drivers are hungry for the Austrian corners. The next 4 days are lined with the finest entry corners, delicate Apex and picturesque corner exit horizons. It feels like the speed brings inner peace, total freedom, everything fits together and happiness is suddenly palpable. The altitude changes experienced in such a short time bring man and machine into a harmony of speed and heart thumping exhilaration. In the morning over the Timmelsjoch to Meran, in the afternoon to Molveno. A day later Trento, a serpentine road to Bondine and in the evening, Cavalese. The next two days keep building, unbelievable places whose names could be used for the next Lamborghini or Ferrari!.... Wonderful, partially still wet roads from thawing snow, are celebrated as a tribute to Italy. After 5 days, the Autobahn in Germany and the final secure one-way street home, the 2015 Tour already set in the mind of the group... Where will it be? Yes, the Mediterranean!